Masala chai: Is aware of its advantages and its unwanted side effects

Hail tea lovers, masala chai has been formally declared the second-best non-alcoholic beverage. Know the well being advantages of masala chai and its unwanted side effects.

A traditional Indian staple, masala chai or ‘chai’ or tea is a heartwarming beverage that has usually been related to consolation. Combining the refined flavours of a number of pure herbs, masala chai is peppered with components comparable to cloves, black pepper, ginger and cardamom. One sip of this scrumptious decoction helps beat back the entire day’s fatigue in a jiffy. And there’s excellent news for all tea lovers – Masala Chai has secured the place of the second-best non-alcoholic beverage of 2023 in keeping with the web meals information TasteAtlas.

Is consuming masala chai wholesome?

Sure, masala chai is scrumptious and it’s wholesome too! Masala chai is a good supply of vitamins, comparable to antioxidants comparable to catechins and theaflavins. These antioxidants can combat oxidative stress, stop most cancers, and enhance a number of circumstances, in keeping with Surabhi Sharma, Head Of Division of Dietetics and Vitamin at Max Hospital.

Ingesting masala tea affords loads of well being advantages. Picture courtesy: Adobe Inventory

Masala chai additionally contains calcium, magnesium, potassium and vitamin Ok. It helps in boosting our immune system, the spices in masala chai, together with ginger, cardamom, and cloves, have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that may assist combat off infections and viruses.

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What are the well being advantages of masala chai?

Masala chai or tea is a good supply of vitamins, which helps shield your physique and organs from a number of well being issues. Listed below are the well being advantages of masala chai you should know:

1. Supplies vitality

Masala tea leaves have caffeine which might help wake you up, energise, cleanse and chill out. It additionally improves mind and coronary heart well being by offering vitality, says the knowledgeable.

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2. Protects cells

Black tea mixed with cardamom is a robust duo and might help shield the cells of your physique. It incorporates antioxidants that provide help to do that.

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3. Soothes ache

Cloves include eugenol, which is a pure anesthetic that helps cut back ache. Ginger in tea additionally incorporates properties that cut back ache, discovered a examine printed in Phytotherapy Analysis. Cloves and ginger have antioxidant properties that alleviate ache, says the knowledgeable.

4. Improves digestion

The ginger utilized in masala chai helps with digestion by enhancing oxygen and circulation, which helps the organs operate at their greatest. Chai additionally helps assist digestion, lowers blood sugar ranges, and promotes cardiovascular health.

5. Boosts immunity

Masala tea incorporates components comparable to cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and extra that include properties like vitamin C that promote immune well being and shield you towards illnesses.

6. Fights micro organism

Spices used to make masala tea include antibacterial properties that assist combat pathogens and cut back your probabilities of creating any bacterial infections.

7. Aids weight reduction

Chai tea can even enhance your metabolism and assist your physique burn fats. Black tea mixed with cinnamon might help cut back ldl cholesterol and assist your physique flip energy into vitality sooner, says the knowledgeable.

How one can make masala tea?

Making masala chai is easy. Add one inch of crushed cinnamon, 2-3 cardamom, 2 cloves, and 1 inch of peeled ginger to 2 cups of boiled water. Now, add some tea powder to the combo and let it cook dinner nicely. Let the water boil for 2-3 minutes and add some sugar to the combo (elective). Pressure and revel in masala tea.

A woman measuring her waist.
Ingesting masala tea might help you drop extra pounds. Picture courtesy: Freepik

Are there any unwanted side effects of getting masala chai?

There are loads of well being advantages to consuming masala chai, however it has some unwanted side effects too. Sharma says, “Caffeine may cause quite a lot of points, together with insomnia, nervousness and restlessness.”

Every thing carefully will supply well being advantages, whereas something in extra can result in issues. This sizzling beverage incorporates caffeine and people who find themselves delicate to it, ought to keep away from consuming an excessive amount of. “Tea additionally incorporates tannins, which might trigger unwanted side effects comparable to nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and hormonal imbalance,” provides the knowledgeable.

Who ought to keep away from consuming masala chai?

An extra of caffeine may cause issues for individuals in the event that they devour an excessive amount of masala chai. Individuals affected by nervousness or stress ought to keep away from consuming this tea. Girls with hormonal imbalances and pregnant ladies also needs to restrict their consumption. Individuals with poor intestine well being also needs to keep away from it as it will probably set off issues comparable to vomiting and diarrhea.

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