Salicylic Acid for Zits: Advantages, Dosages, Facet Results

Salicyclic acid is nice relating to stopping pimples in addition to exfoliating the pores and skin. Here is all that you might want to know.

Utilizing lotions and lotions which comprise salicylic acid can completely rework your skincare sport. Salicylic acid, a beta-hydroxy acid, not solely reduces pimples but additionally repairs pores and skin by exfoliating it and helps in clearing pores. If you expertise pimples breakouts and are in search of a preventive treatment, salicylic acid might be considered one of your go-to options.

What’s Salicylic acid?

Salicylic acid is principally a beta hydroxy acid utilised in skincare as an exfoliator to unclog pores. It’s recognized for its anti-inflammatory properties, making it efficient in managing pimples. Salicylic acid is obtainable in varied types comparable to gels, lotions, and serums, explains dermatologist Dr Priyanka Kuri.

Utilizing salicylic acid is excellent for pimples management and prevention: Picture courtesy: Freepik

How does Salicylic acid work on pimples?

Salicylic acid capabilities as an exfoliator, serving to within the elimination of lifeless pores and skin cells and unclogging pores. Its beta hydroxy acid nature allows it to penetrate oil-laden pores and skin, making it significantly helpful for acne-prone pores and skin, says Dr Kuri. Moreover, salicylic acid displays anti-inflammatory actions, contributing to its efficacy in pimples administration.

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How a lot salicylic acid do you have to apply on pimples?

It is strongly recommended that for facial use, begin with 1 % salicylic acid, progressively growing to 2 %. Apply it alternately, initially for brief durations (1-2 hours), then progressing to in a single day,” says Dr Kuri. For physique pimples, direct use of two % is appropriate. At all times use a moisturiser on prime of the salicylic acid product to mitigate potential dryness.

What are the unwanted effects of salicylic acid?

The doable unwanted effects embrace:

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  • Delicate irritation
  • Redness
  • Burning sensation
  • Flaking

“If these reactions change into pronounced, it’s advisable to pause utilization for a day or two after which progressively resume,” she says.

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What do you have to take into account earlier than utilizing salicylic acid on pimples?

1. Keep away from every day utilization, particularly initially.
2. Begin with 1 % for the face, progressing to 2 %, and direct 2 % for the physique.
3. Regularly improve contact time from 1-2 hours to in a single day.
4. If irritation happens, pause utilization for 1-2 days earlier than resuming.
5. Dilute for spot therapy to reduce focus and potential reactions.

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A pregnant woman
Pregnant girls should seek the advice of their dermatologist earlier than utilizing salicylic acid. Picture courtesy: Freepik

What’s salicylic acid toxicity?

Salicylic acid toxicity is a medical emergency. “It’s a concern when the acid is ingested in giant portions. Nevertheless, in topical skincare use, toxicity isn’t a big concern,” says Dr Kuri. It’s essential to observe advisable dosage and tips set by your dermatologist.

Can you employ salicylic acid in case you are pregnant or are nursing?

It’s typically advisable to keep away from salicylic acid throughout being pregnant and lactation, nonetheless it’s comparatively safer in comparison with sure different skincare elements like retinoids. “Nevertheless, utilization ought to be decided after session with a dermatologist, weighing the professionals and cons primarily based on the severity of pimples,” warns Dr Kuri. Over-the-counter use throughout being pregnant and lactation ought to be approached with warning.

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